Balance out the lips in old age woman

Big lips can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on who you ask. Both sexes in almost every culture desire pouty, plump lips, which are generally regarded as beauty indicators. While some people experience issues with oral function, others find that having excessively large lips detracts from their physical appeal.

Some people with thin lips want to make their lips bigger in order to improve the harmony of their faces. Thankfully, there are both surgical and nonsurgical methods for achieving fuller lips. Of course, this has the additional benefit for many of improving self-esteem, self-confidence, and time spent socialising.

On the other hand, some people with large lips desire smaller ones because their mouths take centre stage and obscure their other physical characteristics. Others require lip reduction for medical reasons, such as when an overly large upper lip, bottom lip, or both prevent proper mouth sealing.

This article explores the most popular lip treatments for those who believe their lips are excessively large due to genetics or past filler use. We’ll talk about both surgical and non-surgical options.

Treatment for Big Lips

Large, attractive lips give the face a striking, appealing balance. However, when the lips are too big, it can cause a number of functional issues, such as drooling, labial incontinence, issues with eating and drinking, speech impediments, and/or labial incontinence.

Macrocheilia is the medical term for excessively large lips. The condition is referred to as pseudomacrochelia when large lips are brought on by a dentofacial deformity.

An imbalance in the position, size, shape, or orientation of the bones that make up the upper and lower jaws is referred to as a dentofacial deformity.

Rather than the genetic formation of the lips specifically, dentofacial deformity (pseudomacrocheilia) in the jaw and cheek regions is the main cause of true macrocheilia.

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