5 Reasons to Go on a Trip to the Balkans

Now that the world is starting to open back up, people are looking to Inside Balkan Travel & Tours again, and one of the places you should definitely add to your list if you haven’t been yet is the Balkans.

Located in Southeastern Europe, this area has a lot to offer tourists. Here are just a few reasons you should take a trip to the Balkan region1. Full of Rich History and Welcoming People

The Balkans have a rich history, and the region has been home to many different cultures for centuries. They were often at the crossroads of empires, and as a result, governed by numerous rulers from all over Europe: Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Ottomans and more. This means that there is an incredible amount of cultural diversity within this region.

The people of these countries are also very friendly and welcoming towards visitors from abroad. They love showing off their culture to tourists who come to visit them!

Impress them by speaking some basic words in their language when you’re visiting — there’s no pressure here — but it helps if you do this! Everyone knows that learning another language makes communication easier!2. Stunning Natural Beauty 

The Balkans boast some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, with mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers that are second to none. It’s no wonder they’ve been at the heart of many a tourist’s bucket list for years now.

The Adriatic Sea is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations thanks to its crystal clear water and a rocky coastline dotted with lighthouses and secluded coves. The Dinaric Alps are home to some of the highest peaks in Europe (reaching over 2,500 meters), while Durmitor National Park offers hiking trails through pine forests and past glacial lakes.3. One of the Best Food Regions in the World

One of the best reasons to travel to the Balkans is to eat. Balkan cuisine is influenced by its neighbouring countries like Turkey and Greece, so you can expect to find dishes with a unique blend of flavours.

You’ll get to enjoy the best of local dishes and regional specialities — from famous dishes like “ćevapi” (a type of grilled minced meat) to more unusual delicacies like “burek” (pastry filled with cheese or meat). The portions at these restaurants tend to be large so don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking home leftovers!

And don’t forget about drinks! Balkan coffee is world-famous for its strong flavour and aroma. It’s served in small coffee houses known as “kafana” where people sit around tables talking about politics or sports while enjoying their morning cup.

One of the major benefits of travelling in the Balkans is how diverse it can be. As you travel around, you will see many different cultures and religions, as well as various languages used by locals. This means that there is a lot to learn about the history and culture of this region!

One way to take advantage of all this diversity is by taking an extended trip through multiple Balkan countries. In fact, an extended trip is often required if you want to see as much as possible during your time here!

But if you want, you can also explore just one country on your trip to the Balkans, and the trip would still be unforgettable.5. Affordable, Safe, and Easy to Reach

One of the reasons why the Balkans are such an attractive destination for travellers is that they’re very affordable. While Western Europe may be more high-end, Eastern European countries in this region have great deals on accommodation and food, making them perfect for people who are on a budget.

While the impression might be that the Balkans are risky and dangerous, that’s not true. The Balkans have lower crime rates compared to Western Europe

It’s also easy to travel to the Balkans, either by car or by plane. Airports like Tirana, Skopje, Prishtina. Zagreb, Brnik, Rijeka and Pula are perfect starting points for trips in the Balkans.

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