Hippie Joey Baby Wearing


Hippie Joey, the ultimate minimalist and multi-functional parent assistant designed to revolutionize the world of baby-wearing. This innovative product, created by a passionate mom of four based in Huntsville, AL, offers a simple, sleek, and compact design that eliminates the need for complicated adjustments and excess fabric.

Hippie Joey is crafted using unique natural fabrics, carefully selected to provide the perfect balance of support and stretch. It creates an ideal womb-like environment for babies, ensuring their comfort and security. Its construction’s luxurious and supple materials make it a truly indulgent experience for both parent and child.

The versatility of Hippie Joey knows no bounds. It serves multiple purposes, acting as an infinity scarf, a pregnancy support belly band, a postpartum support band, a skin-to-skin tank top, a newborn womb pouch, and so much more. With its high-quality and multi-functional infinity-style design, Hippie Joey encourages creativity while minimizing waste and maximizing utility.

The Hippie Joey Co. has a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical choices. Their goal is to positively impact the world by supporting mom and foster-focused charities and promoting earth-minded practices. They believe in spreading love, empowerment, encouragement, and positive vibes to fellow parents, creating a community that uplifts and supports one another. For parents thinking they need a baby sling, this is not what you are looking for. It’s better in all the right ways. That’s why we say baby wearing.

Experience the simplicity and versatility of Hippie Joey, the minimalist parent assistant that prioritizes natural carrying positions and creates instant comfort for your little one. With Hippie Joey, you can simplify your parenting journey while making environmentally conscious choices. Join the movement and embrace the Hippie Joey philosophy of love, empowerment, and earth-friendly practices. Yeah, baby!

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