Screen Printing and Digital Printing

There are different options if you are looking into t shirt printing Singapore or where you are. Here we look at the two popular choices, print screen printing, the oldest method that started thousands of years ago, and then digital printing, the most modern printing development. Understanding their differences and advantages can help choosing between them.

Advantages to Direct to Garment or DTG printing

DTG or direct to garment printing is also known as digital printing as it uses a garment and a modified printer similar but larger than the inkjet printer most of us are familiar with. There are a number of advantages to the most modern t shirt printing Singapore option. It prints highly detailed images, with as many different colors as you want, unlike print screen which is best for simple design with minimal color. Also when you consider the heat transfer method compared to DTG the t-shirt does not feel any different after the printing whereas with the transfer method you can feel the patch that has been placed on it. This means the printing lasts longer and does not have issues with scratching or peeling or such. Sometimes people want a favorite holiday picture, or a family photo on the shirts they are ordering but to get good quality results you need need digital printing not screen printing.

Recent upgrades have made improvements with DTG printing

One of the concerns people have with DTG is that it was just for light t-shirts and is best in a white shirt. However things have been improved so that this does not have to be the case, though the technology needs to continue to evolve. The other issue with it is that it is more expensive. The printer surprisingly is not terribly pricey but the inks are. That means when you choose this kind of t shirt printing Singapore it does cost more and so it is better for smaller orders.

DTG is best for small printing amounts

When you need best tshirt in Singapore in large amounts print screen makes the most sense still. The more you order in fact, in most cases, the less a printer will charge per shirt. It is the nature of how the printing process works to encourage larger orders and it works for businesses and organizations using t-shirts as marketing material, uniforms, giveaways and such. DTG then is not seen with every printing service but is best when you want quality and smaller amounts.


At the moment the oldest method of garment printing still being used is screen printing, and the newest is digital printing. Just because something is new does not make it better automatically and just because it is a method used for thousands of years does not make it the best method either. It comes down to what you want to print onto the t-shirt, what quality you want, the colors you need and how much you have to spend. Just be prepared that DTG right now is still more expensive though things are likely to drop in price over the next few years.

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