tips for girls going carry-on only

It’s simple to travel with only your carry-on luggage if your trip will last no longer than a week. Once you get the hang of it, you can actually travel for a month or more with just a carry-on. However, this is really only feasible in warmer climates because winter clothing is much larger. One advantage of merely bringing a carry-on is that you won’t have to wait in line at the baggage claim belt, you won’t have to worry about misplaced luggage, and you’ll have less luggage overall.

The perfect luggage

The choice you make now will be the most significant one. I adore my 19-inch Delsey, which meets every international norm and is never force-checked. You need a case that can be opened with dividers and, ideally, a front that can be unzipped to accommodate a laptop. Remember that the international norm is not 21 inches.

Stay organized

When you don’t have much room, you need to keep things really organised to maximise the available area. The best solution, in my opinion, is to have a case for toiletries and a case for small technological accessories like chargers, adapters, or flash drives.

Take only what you ‘have to have’

Think of outfits, not individual garments. Take only your preferred items. Never bring anything you “might” wear if the chance presents itself.

Pack layers

You should bring items that can be combined to create different looks. A lovely dress one day can be worn underneath a jacket or over leggings the next. Pack just one pair of jeans or two pairs of shorts if the destination is warm and concentrate on tank tops because it is simpler to create a fresh appearance by switching out tops than bottoms. For a night out, a linen shirt can be worn under clothing or knotted around the waist (the 90s are back, ha!).

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