Camping in Bhandardara: Starry Skies and Bonfire Nights


Looking for a break from the monotonous life, Bhandardara Camping offers you important- demanded respite and complete revivification in a tranquil air. The place is known as a vacation resort vill and is notorious for its lush geographies, green hills, falls, lake, swash, wildlife, and more. But, overall, boarding in this green position promises a nature retreat and a continuance experience down from the megacity’s humdrum. 

 Bhandardara lake camping is looking for a nature cum audacious break memorable roof stay under the starlit sky. This Maharashtrian vill is one of provides stylish night views of the Milky Ways, spangling stars, and much further that one can witness indeed from the naked eye. It also attracts Astro suckers and provides an observe our beautiful world and landing stylish shots. 

 Not only this, boarding near Bhandardara in this the callers to enjoy a stimulating night stay, party around a campfire, enjoy original delectables, indulge in adventures like voyaging, touring, hiking, or explore a range of literal or natural spots located hard. No matter which one you choose, you would surely love the beauty and experience of camping then. 

 Which are the stylish camps in and near Bhandardara? 

 1. NK Kasturi Lakeside Campsite Have a memorable flight at this camping point that’s just coming to Bhandardara Lake and offers pate canopies to relax and refresh under the starlit sky. This Bhandardara lake camping point is perfect to enjoy a nature retreat with your loved bones

 , musketeers, associates, or indeed to have a romantic visit down from the megacity’s madness. 

– position Mutkhel, Village, tehsil- Akole, Bhandardara, Maharashtra 422604 

– Price INR,576 per night per grown-up. 

 2. Active Bhandardara Camping Set near the pristine lake, this Bhandardara camping point offers luxury canopies to enjoy a unique stay and holiday

 experience amidst nature. girdled by lush geographies, azure water, and a affable air, the canopies also let their guests soak in the beauty and fineness of a pollution-free and fresh terrain. 

 Wake up with chittering sounds and enjoy stunning daylight from your roof and share in any of the recreational conditioning like campfire nights, nature walks, birdwatching, or touring. 

– position Bhandardara( colony), Akole Taluka, Ahmednagar District, Bhandardara, Maharashtra 422604 

 – – Price INR,645 per night per grown-up. 

 3. Samadhan in Bhandardara Offering a complete package of comfort, amenities, and lip- smacking food, this campground is amongst the most serene and budget-friendly locales. The experience of camping near Bhandardara in Shendi leaves the guests with cherishable recollections and allows them to enjoy a range of adventure conditioning as well. 

 Guests can enjoy complimentary voyaging or go for touring, hiking, or sightseeing excursions that are offered by the campground at an redundant charge. 

– position Bhandardara( colony), wrongdoer Ghoti Highways, Tal- Akole, Dist Ahemadnagar, Bhandardara, Maharashtra 422604 

– Price INR,410 per night per grown-up. 

 4. Bhandardara RVs Located near Arthur Lake, this campground is known for its superior installations, friendly staff, and comfortable canopies offering complete revivification and relaxation. 

 Down from the megacity’s chaos, the place is full of natural beauty and lets you refresh with an late stay, thrilling conditioning, and mouth- soddening veg andnon-veg original food. The canopies are near the pristine Arthur Lake and girdled by lush mountains offering an amazing treat to the eyes. 

– position At Post. Shendi( Bhandardara Dam) 

 Tal- Akole, Dist Ahamadnager, Maharashtra 422604 

– Price INR,985 per night per grown-up. 

 5. Jeevan Lakeside Camping Bhandardara Perched right next to the azure lake, this Bhandardara camping point is set amidst the forestland and is known for its serene beauty and witching

 evening/ daylight views. 

 During your stay in this camp, you  nature walks or hike the vill treks. You  and foliage and be regaled by the melodious chirpings of a different variety of catcalls. You fun with music, dance around the campfire, stargazing, voyaging, fumbling, inner games, or swimming in the lake,  thrilling conditioning. 

– position Mutkhel Bhandardara, Near Amruteshwar Temple, Bhandardara, Maharashtra 422604 

– Price INR,410 per night p

 6. Weeends Hub Secret Set in an antique canopy at. The perfect air to enjoy a stimulating flight with your family, musketeers, or mate. The stay then’s full of entertainment and indulgence with comfortable accommodation, ultramodern amenities, campfire, adventure conditioning,

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