Do you know Dr. Don? The artist everyone in Seattle will soon be talking about…

If you don’t know Dr. Don, shame on you! Now’s the time to get up to speed, thanks to this article kindly suggested by our colleagues at Slash Music. Hailing from Seattle, Dr. Don is a talented artist who never ceases to make a name for himself thanks to his original video clips. One of them, “Save Me From This Flight”, talks about the various adventures that can occur during an airplane flight. Worrying, isn’t it? 

In the end, what kept us calm was Dr. Don‘s music. Lively and jovial, it’s sure to get your head bobbing in time with his carefully written lyrics. To top it all off, Dr. Don is a handsome man, a legitimate representative of the mature men many women fantasize about. It has to be said that his suit and the way he sways are major assets, don’t you think? 

Unusually, Dr. Don often takes the floor at the end of his clips to express himself and exchange with his listeners. It’s a great way to open up a dialogue with his fans and tell them the behind-the-scenes story behind the creation of his latest clip. In the end, we even wonder why other, better-known artists don’t do the same. It would be very interesting for fans. 

If you ever want to find out more about Dr. Don, you can join him on his Youtube channel by clicking here: or find him directly on Spotify.

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