Fashion Media and marketing

All forms of media are crucial to the marketing of fashion. In the latter half of the 18th century, specialised fashion magazines first appeared in France and England. Fashion periodicals like the French La Mode Illustrée, the British Lady’s Realm, and the American Godey’s Lady’s Book proliferated and thrived in the 19th century. Together with other innovations like the sewing machine, department stores, and ready-to-wear clothing made in standard sizes, fashion magazines, which included articles, hand-coloured illustrations (known as fashion plates), and advertisements, played a significant role in promoting the democratisation of fashion in the modern era. Early in the 20th century, effective and affordable means of reproducing photos in print media were developed, which fueled the growth of fashion photography and heavily illustrated fashion magazines like

People from all over the world can now watch fashion shows and copy the celebs’ style thanks to the development of newsreels in cinema, which are brief motion pictures of current events. The Internet era saw the dominance of visual media continue, with fashion blogs becoming a more significant channel for the dissemination of fashion news. Celebrities have the chance to be photographed wearing designer clothing at red-carpet events like award ceremonies, giving the designers valuable publicity.

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