Fashion retailing, marketing, and merchandising

After the clothing has been created and produced, it must be sold. However, how will clothing get from the maker to the consumer? Retail refers to the industry of purchasing clothing from producers and selling it to consumers. Three to six months prior to the customer being able to purchase the clothing in-store, retailers make initial purchases for resale.
Fashion marketing is the process of controlling the flow of merchandise with the aim of maximising a company’s sales and profitability, from the initial selection of designs to be produced to the presentation of products to retail customers. Understanding consumer desire and responding with the appropriate products are essential for successful fashion marketing.

Marketers inform designers and producers about the kind and quantity of goods to be produced using sales tracking data, media attention, focus groups, and other methods of gathering consumer preferences. Therefore, marketers are in charge of determining the target market for a fashion producer and reacting to their preferences.

Both the wholesale and retail levels of the market are active. Companies that don’t retail their own goods must sell those goods to retailers like boutiques, department stores, and online sales companies at wholesale prices. To find a good fit between the customers of the retailer and the products of the manufacturer, they use fashion shows, catalogues, and a sales force equipped with samples of the products.

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