Hairstyle Tricks Every Woman Should Know

The existence of universal truths in the world is a contentious philosophical issue. According to science, a great deal of what happens in the natural world is still mysterious or relative. As a result, theories are developed to explain, anticipate, and control phenomena. We get your question: How is all this technical jargon going to make my hair look gorgeous every time I try to style it? Ah, clever people think likewise. So now is the time to share with you a hairstyle truth that we believe to be self-evident: Professional hair stylists employ certain techniques and no-fail hacks to create gorgeous hair every time they touch it, and we believe every woman should be aware of these tricks. Go ahead and skip to the hairstyling tips now.

In the same way that the renowned astronomer Edwin Hubble once stated that “Equipped with his five senses, man explores the world around him and calls the adventure Science,” we would like to add that “Equipped with her seven must-know styling tips and techniques, woman explores the world of hairstyles around her and calls the adventure Beauty.” Are these wise comments as eloquent as those of Mr. Hubble? Perhaps not. How accurate are they? Abso-hair-flippin’-lutely. The fundamentals of hairstyling must be performed correctly in order to achieve beautiful hair or “master the phenomenon.”

You should be sure that you are styling your hair correctly every time you pick up a flat iron, blow dryer, or fine-toothed comb. Even if you believe you are an expert at “Hairstyling 101,” everyone can benefit from a professional stylist’s views on how to achieve beautiful hair.

The wise professors of hairstyling — aka the famous hairstylists we picked up our styling tricks from are Dickey, founder of the Hair Rules salon and product line who has worked with everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Rihanna, and Tommy Buckett from the Marie Robinson salon in New York City. You can earn a Master’s degree in hairstyling with the assistance of these two styling professionals. View the seven tricks they believe every woman should know.(Who wants gorgeous hair) should be aware.

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