Passport Bros 

Passport Bros is a movement on TikTok and instagram where men are traveling overseas to find and date women.

People that tend to use TikTok and Instagram on a daily basis, might have come across several videos from the Passport Bros. These videos have been circulating for a while on these social media platforms. 

Who are these Passport Bros? Passport Bros are Western men who are simply tired of the dating scene in their own country. Dating in general is not easy at all these days and it can be very frustrating. A lot of women don’t know what they want, play a lot of games or are simply very materialistic. That’s why these Passport Bros are traveling to places like South East Asia and even South America to find women that are very easy going, humble, simple and good companions. 

A guide that really talks about this in detail is This website is owned by 2 Passport Bros who have travelled to several countries in South East Asia such as Thailand, The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and also in Colombia South America. This website is extremely detailed and it provides information about everything a man would need for his traveling. From airfares to lodging and how to find women. This site has it all. 

Many of these Passport Bros end up moving overseas and they settle there especially in Thailand where there’s a lot of jobs and the economy is not bad. Bangkok and Phuket are known as international and touristic hubs for business and there are millions of foreigners living there. Also a work permit is very easy to obtain. 

So go on and check out . If you are the type of person who is tired of the dating scene in the US (or the Western world) and wants to try something new and  want to go for an adventure then you won’t be disappointed by reading this guide. 

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