Rolex Kermit: Submariner’s Charm

Rolex Kermit: Submariner’s Evolution 

Diver’s Magic: Rolex KermitThe Rise of Rolex Kermit

The Rolex Kermit, known for its underwater distinctive design and beauty, has become a treasured timepiece among diver enthusiasts. 

Interestingly, the Rolex Kermit was officially named Rolex Submariner Date reference 16610LV, introduced in Switzerland at the Baselworld watch fair in 2003, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner’s line lasting since 1953. The unveiling of this remarkable Kermit timepiece recorded a moment representing the success of the Rolex in craftsmanship and its legacy throughout history. 

But what features of the Rolex Kermit model make it special? What values does Kermit – The special edition of Submariners line provide us in our honorable times? 

Let’s deep dive into it! 

The Glow of Rolex Kermit 

Rolex had focused on improving Submariner Lines’ water resistance, new watch movements, and miscellaneous changes in design to provide better quality and attractive innovation for its watch enthusiasts. 

The Submariner Date(16610LV) edition is distinguished by its spectacular attached aluminum green bezel which it sets apart from its Submariner siblings with its classic black bezel. Combined with a black dial puts Kermit ahead in terms of its astonishing style and conveys a perfect blend of a Rolex classic. Moreover, Rolex symbolizes its successful milestone in embracing modern design elements and enhancing the optic of its elegant shining green bezel. 

The good news for scuba divers is that Kermit, just like any other Rolex Submariner Line model, is water-resistant up to 300 meters (approximately 1000ft) making it a more reliable companion during diving times. This luxurious Rolex Kermit model is triumphant in terms of establishing safety, high functionality, and resisting harsh underwater conditions. 

Furthermore, Kermit’s automatic movement is supported by the Calibre 3135 with a power reserve of 48 hours without needing additional winding. This practical aspect of the Rolex Kermit model efficiently holds the timekeeping accuracy despite not wearing it for 2 days. Explore for a more detailed explanation of how Rolex works to gain a better and clearer understanding of its interior beauty. The Rolex Kermit model is manufactured in a way that Kermit resists rigid temperature shocks and other extreme dynamics which once again proves its top-notch quality within the watchmaking industry.    

Additional Traits of Rolex Kermit

We have mentioned that the Rolex Kermit model is glowing with its charming features; apart from that, its enchanting glow is eye-catching and distinctive both in the underwater world and in the darkness of nighttime.  

Divers can easily capture the time in deep water thanks to luminous hour markers on the timepiece, allowing it to glow in low-light conditions. With clear visibility of dates, the Cyclops lens perfectly enhances the date view for its divers, in addition, the Kermit model consists of the great Oyster case which protects the timepiece from the rigorous environment of all time. The case not only provides a safe and durable use of the journey but also ensures you the perfect comfort and suitable wear for diving and everyday uses!

Is Kermit Worth It?

Rolex Kermit model – The Submariner Date(16610LV) is a perfect example of the combination of heritage, functionality, and diverse success. With that being said, Kermit is the symbol of dedication, quality, and divers’ best underwater companion giving you the best diving experience of all time.

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