The natural wonders of Africa

A wide diversity of landscapes, scenes, natural wonders, and landmarks may be found throughout the large continent of Africa. However, the continent still has an underdeveloped tourism sector and expensive travel almost everywhere. There are still many areas of this continent that have hardly been touched by travellers. Escaping into heavenly bliss is easy with the natural wonders of the Africa.

Yet Africa is home to some of the world’s most stunning and impressive natural wonders. While some are well-known, others are just starting to become famous. In addition to craters, lakes, and coral reefs, they also include strong waterfalls, dry deserts, tall mountains, canyons, and national parks.

All of the major regions of the continent are covered in this topic on the natural wonders of Africa, which is organised by country for better comprehension. So let’s investigate the magnificent natural wonders of Africa.

The most well-known waterfall in the world and possibly in Africa is Victoria Falls. With a 1,708 m width, it is also one of the largest waterfalls. The waterfalls’ original name is Mosi-o-Tunya, which translates to “The smoke that thunders,” but Dr. Livingstone gave it the more well-known moniker Victoria Falls in honour of Queen Victoria.

The Zambezi River, which divides Zambia from Zimbabwe, has the waterfalls. The Victoria Falls Bridge, constructed in 1905, is located very near to the falls. The bridge links Livingston, Zambia, to Victoria Falls Town, Zimbabwe. And trains, pedestrians, and automobiles continue to use it.

Everyone should include seeing Mosi-o-Tunya Falls on their bucket list since, in addition to being an African Wonder, it is also one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You must enter Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls National Park to view the falls up close. There are numerous paths and vantage points in the park. Simply seeing and feeling the water of these waterfalls is an amazing experience.

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