VR in games: the good and bad side

The virtual reality market size of the gaming industry is set to reach $90.7 billion by 2026. More users are interested in VR than ever before because developers experiment with the tech. Vale, with its exclusive VR game called Half-Life and saw headset sales double.   


VR headset was a concept of a science fiction story called Pygmalion’s Spectacles in 1935. The lead wore goggles that took him to a fictional world that stimulated his senses and consisted of holographic recording. Then in 1956, cinematographer Morton Heilig made a Sensorama. The first VR machine was a booth to fit 4 people at once. It was a combination of several technologies to stimulate all senses. It had 3D coloured video, with audio, vibrations, and smells, along with atmospheric effects such as wind.

Furthermore, in 1985 the first VR goggles for general audience use. It came with Datagloves, EyePhone HMD and an audio sphere. Fast-forward to 2012, Luckey launched a Kickstarter Campaign for their virtual reality headset Oculus Rift or which they raised about $2.4 million. After that, every huge tech company jumped on the bandwagon and created its own version of a VR headset.

VR in gaming came in 1995 when Nintendo released its Virtual Boy gaming console. That made use of VR for the display of stereoscopic 3D graphics. However, it was a commercial failure when launched because of its high cost and complexity.

The Positive effect of VR on games:

Better user engagement:

The view is more enticing to award regular and occasional gamers an enveloping experience. Their engagement increase with the hand controls that a flat screen display, viewing from distance user cannot experience.

Cutting edge potential:

VR Controllers are the game changers for the VR industry. Through controllers, navigation and other functions of the game have become much more accessible. Also, it’s a prediction that in the future. VR tech will evolve further from just a headset to a more experience involving full-body senses.

Expanded content:

VR technology is now the threshold at which gamers look when making new games. As each game is gaining popularity, each game is trying to meet the requirement to be compatible with VR.

Improved Physical Health:

Without it VRs gamers were just sitting at a single place for hours and hours even skipping meals to reach that level. But VR has changed it. Now gamers are moving around and being more active due to the several games they are playing in the VR. Even so, a company has created a platform that will let the user move freely on top of it. And protects them from hitting things or falling off.

Stress Relief:

It is not helping much, but a little is better than nothing. There are games made to relax the mind, and when they play on VR, furthermore enhances their ability to relax. And provide the ability to escape the stress of the real world.

Repressing Phobias:

The VR games can assist in overcoming fears, such as heights, snakes, darkness and several others. Which in return makes them come out as stronger human beings.

Treatment of mental health problems:

Yes, this looks like an over-exaggeration of things, but it’s true. Research has shown that VR can be efficient in aiding the treatment of anxiety and depression. And help with PTSD; in VR, users can face the situations they are most fearful of and causes anxiety. Furthermore, psychological effect estimates to increase in a safe and controlled space.

Some Popular genera in VR

VR Adventure games:

These games creation is exceptionally and consist of great picture quality. VR games have the basis of puzzle solving and exploration. The VR headset helps you get into the VR world to experience it. Moreover, VR in exploration games gives the user the natural feel of the environment. There are several games that get an even more immersive experience with the VR headsets.

Shooting games:

The first-person shooter has been popular for decades. One of the reasons is that users are addicted to the concept of reaching higher levels to get more rewards. Moreover, the visuals, sounds and gaming environment make it seem even more real. Through VR, users can see flying bullets coming todays them. And the sound makes them even more invested in the game that games played on the phone cannot give.

Casino games:

Another prevalent genre is Casinos, where its interface is introduced. Through VR headsets, gamers can gain authentic casino encounters, which makes them enjoy their time in the gaming world. The game gives real slot machines and blackjack tables with live dealers. In addition, a few games offer a bar experience. And VR interaction becomes more fun.

Horror games:

The graphics are so real in these games that people regret playing in a VR headset of their scary experience.


Facebook, now known as Meta, has launched a game completely based on VR. It’s a mix of MR and AR to provide people with a natural experience. Metaverse is not a game but a new way to socialize with each other. Several brands have made their stores in Metaverse to be a part of it.

The adverse effects of VR in games:


Although VR has been in the industry for years now, its price point is still causing accessibility issues. Currently, VR headsets are of two types tethered and mobile. Simply tethered are connected with computers or gaming consoles where Mobile, as the name suggests, are mobile operated. VRs like Google Daydream and Samsung gear are reasonably priced. But there are only compatible with a few devices, which increases the cost. And the VR, which is low on specs, is going to compromise the performance. High ends are costly, which means not everyone can afford them. And accessibility plays a huge role in terms of the popularity of VR gaming. At the time, only one of 1.43 billion computers in the world have a graphic card to support VR gaming. Therefore the procedure to optimize each PC for VR can be expensive. And a massive amount of bandwidth would be required.

Making VR recognizable:

Developers have to think of making games and other content capable of the VR gaming market. Moreover, this means more content creation is required. And that additional content must consume less processing power to work seamlessly on VR. Sony, a giant with over 56 million units worldwide, has the potential to step in with their PlayStation VR headset. Hence there is a small number of VR games in the market, but Sony can create more. Moreover, with the user base Sony has, they can create games specifically designed for PlayStation. Additionally, companies have to take the help of Affiliate Marketing Network to promote their products in front of people.

Generating Revenue:

VR developers are a thing of new ways to make cash from VR gaming. However, the in-app purchase of branded costumes and accessories is a good start.

Harmful effects on your health:

Not only gaming, but it’s also affecting people’s health with prolonged usage. The most commonly heard is banging on things while wearing a headset. People have not only got injuries while wearing it but have also damaged the surrounding objects. But this is not what is most concerning about VR; it’s the health that is being compromised during their usage. Several people have reported headaches, dizziness and eye strain after using it. These symptoms occur due to VR illusions when eyes try to focus on objects far away. But in reality, they are just a few centimeters away. The vergence-accommodation conflict, which is getting investigated now for the long-term damage it can cause.

The latest study conducted at Leeds University revealed that only 20 minutes of VR exposure could impact few children’s abilities. To distinguish between the distances of the objects.

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