5 Delicious Healthy Cocktails to Cheer You Up In Winter

If you thought summer rocked the cocktail game, think again. It’s time for winter to shine. We’ve rounded up the most popular winter cocktails to get you all in the mood for the winter vibes. From seasonal flavors to warm and cozy hot drinks to party cocktails, these cold-weather drinks are sure to please everyone on holiday. You can feel it.

If you only like hot drinks in the winter, don’t worry. We offer a wide selection of hearty and ultra-cozy cocktails. Classic Hot Toddy and Ramchata Hot Cocoa are the alcoholic beverages you need to warm yourself up in cold weather. Want to celebrate? Use Mr Consistent discount code to buy delicious cocktails at great prices.

Many women, myself included, are worried about burning extra calories during the holidays, but you can enjoy it guilt-free with healthy cocktails. We have some seriously delicious yet surprisingly healthy cocktails for you.

If you’re already shivering at the cold winter forecast, you’re looking for the best way to warm up this winter. Well, take a look at our list of cocktails for this winter! Here,

Espresso martini mixer

A velvety smooth espresso martini perfect for pre-party moods and liquid desserts. With hints of chocolate, caramel and a frothy head, this delicious cocktail is all you need to prepare for a night on the town! So speed ​​up your cocktail service.  

Bloody Mary Mixer

A tried and true Bloody Mary mixer. Always there when you need it most! Full of flavor, this spicy, tomato-based cocktail is the perfect treat to get back in the saddle and refreshed! Bloody Mary mixer is a hearty cocktail, regardless of the garnish size. As such, it is something that only some drink occasionally. But when the mood drops, there is nothing like it. I especially enjoy making low-alcohol versions for winter family gatherings. It allows you to get creative with both heat and garnish. Just make it interesting, fun, and possibly dramatic. 

Waterboy Mixer 

Waterboy Mixer features fresh watermelon and strawberry-style margaritas. So enjoy Waterboy as it should be and live a more extended winter sun in your garden. Best enjoyed in the sun with your family and best buddies.

Spice Hot Cider

Spicy Hot Cider is one of my favorite healthy cocktails. Ideal for cold, chilly nights and perfect for festive holiday parties. It has only 143 calories per serving and no fat in this recipe. Then have a less-calorie drink.


  • Heat cider, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise in a large saucepan for a few minutes, then add ginger syrup, orange juice, slices and sugar. 
  • Once boiling, simmer for 5 minutes. To serve, scoop into glasses and add cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and star anise if desired.
  • Pomegranate and champagne punch

Many healthy cocktails use delicious pomegranates. This cocktail is bubbly, fun, and festive, not to mention low-carb! It’s also effortless to make. We use only champagne, pomegranate juice, seltzer and citrus vodka. 

Wrap UP!

A winter sangria is perfect for serving a crowd, or a pomegranate sparkler that looks cheery and bright even on cold nights. And, as if these winter cocktail ideas weren’t enough, we also have non-alcoholic Christmas drinks for the whole family. Winter winds change the taste of drinks, and there are plenty of great cocktails to try on the coldest days of the year. The best recipes highlight seasonal flavors and warm the body from the cold. From comforting hot beverages to gentle sippers infused with pomegranate, blood orange, and peppermint, there’s a great winter drink for everyone here.

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